Episode 26:

Mindfulness, Trauma, and Psychedelic Therapies

In this episode, David speaks with Joe Flanders and Andrew Rose, two leaders in the field of psychedelic-assisted treatment. They discuss the current movement around psychedelic treatment, conditions that support healing and transformation in psychedelic therapy (including mindfulness), working with “stuckness” in psychedelic treatments, and the relationship between mindful awareness, traumatic activation, and psychedelics.


Dr. Joe Flanders is the Founder and Director of Mindspace Wellbeing and the Vice-President, Psychology at Numinus Wellness. He is a licensed psychologist and an Assistant Professor (Professional) at McGill University, has an active practice as a psychotherapist, is a mindfulness teacher and host of the Mindspace Podcast. His blog can be found here.
Andrew Rose is a psychedelic educator, harm reduction and integration coach, certified mindfulness teacher, writer, and consultant. He is an assisting trainer on the faculty at Fluence, an educational organization focused on training clinicians and therapists in psychedelic therapy and integration, and the co-director of Plant Parenthood, a community organization supporting parents and families who use psychedelics. He was previously the Director of Programming and Psychedelics at Mindspace Wellbeing. Andrew’s website can be found here.


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